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Since the 1940ā€™sā€¦

American schools have seen a 3,783% increase in school shootings and a 4,800% increase in deaths related to school shootings. This is all the result of active shooter incidents, yet action taken is primarily around preventative measures. This means lock down procedures, door protection, and security officers. Yet the movements to provide reactive measures, meaning what happens after a shooting does occur, has been lacking. 

We believe training teachers as first responders after a shooting has occurred can save lives. Simply, emergency professionals take time to arrive. Immediately triaging and treating wounds can save lives by preventing people from bleeding while waiting for responders.

In 2015, a Department of Homeland Security study found that the key component to saving the lives of victims suffering gun shot wounds is basic hemorrhage control treatment prior to the victim losing enough blood to suffer hemorrhagic shock. In response, The Department of Defense initiated the Stop the Bleed movement, a call to action for civilians to engage in basic hemorrhage control training to save lives.

We are answering that call. Contact us to learn how our products and services can help your school system or business today.