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Created in 2018 we are answering the call to action for citizens to engage in basic hemorrhage control training in an effort to save lives. We are medical professionals and want to share our training with you. 


React First was created by medical professionals, first responders, and committed community members aiming to provide a solution in taking a small step towards safer schools. As parents and professionals, the team behind React First believes in a reactive method, in addition to supporting preventative methods, to any active shooter incident. High quality, properly outfitted mass casualty first aid kits with focused training systems to help educators be the first step in preserving lives.

We believe, as a paramedic and physician but most importantly as fathers, that teachers can save lives with the right training. We want to help.” Austin Wellock & Eric Fledderjohann, Founders


React First aims to engage our communities, educational systems, and association leaders in supporting the movement to help our educational professionals learn the basics in hemorrhage control training and first aid. Training teachers with a valuable life skill to be the very first responders in the horrible situation of an active school shooter is not political; it is the right step in keeping our children and loved ones safe.