The Aid-in-Case product line from React First is outfitted with the right equipment for any mass casualty incident. Purpose built specifically for a school setting with all the right pieces to provide quality and consistent hemorrhage control when the worst happens.

The Aid-in-case

Our flagship product. Enables the treatment of multiple victims in a confined area. Sufficient for a moderately sized classroom. 


The aid-in-case lite

A light version of the Aid-in-Case providing a more compact and discreet solution. Able to treat multiple victims but lighter on inventory and checkbook alike.


The aid-in-case Plus

A robust version of our product with multiple “go packs” inside. Able to provide inventory for multiple people providing treatment over a large, heavily occupied area.


The Aid-in-Case line from React First was created with simplicity in mind and built to offer the most value for the money. There was no wasted time or expense on fancy or unnecessary components; high quality, professional-grade supplies picked and placed for each Aid-in-Case product.