React First also offers focused specialty training to help prepare educators deal with, and manage their environment during the minutes following the unthinkable.With the training systems from React First, the basics in hemorrhage control training are taught in a lasting and impactful way. Our clients will be equipped with the tools and knowledge necessary to provide basic but crucial triage and treatment to themselves or any other injured victim.

R - React by taking control of the environment.

E - Examine the severity of any victims, called triage.

A - Assess major limb bleeding and immediately treat.

C - Chest wounds need sealed.

T - Treat other non-life threatening injuries.

The services from React First:


In-house programs focused on in-depth, hands-on training from medical professionals. We provide individuals the ability to REACT.


Online programs purpose built by the team at React First to help keep the training fresh, on the mind, and deeply ingrained. 

Product Specific

Our training systems are designed around the Aid-in-Case product, taking the best from emergency medicine and battlefield treatment of injured soldiers. 


The training systems from React First teach hemorrhage control training, the steps necessary to provide essential treatment of life threatening traumatic injuries.

Our Industries:

Education - provide everything necessary to prepare teachers to manage and treat victims during the unimaginable.

Corporate environments - customized programs and products to meet specific needs of any size business.

Government - customized programs and products to meet specific needs of government agencies.